A fully integrated solar energy system for your home!

JLanka Technologies together with Trinasolar, the global solar partner is excited to introduce the latest innovation to solar energy – Trinahome.

Now with Trinahome PV solution system you have the option to transform your own residential rooftop into an electrical power generation platform which would supply the household electrical load. This complete solution consists of modules, inverter, grid-box, mounting structure and cables.

This fully integrated, all in one PV solution kit is an energy independent and cost effective solution for your home.

Have a look at the Trinahome features;

Consisting of a 5 year standard warranty for Trinahome with a 10 year PV module product warranty, 5 year inverter and grid-box warranty and a 25 year PV modules performance warranty, Trinahome is the best solution to convert into solar energy.

Be the change by going solar for a greener future