The complete solar energy system for your home

Trinahome is a fully integrated solar energy system which will transform your own residential rooftop into an electrical power generation platform. Simply connect it to your existing power supply… and reduce the amount of electricity you pay for, by converting sunlight on your roof to power the appliances you use everyday.

One box containing solar panels, an inverter and racking, Trinahome contains all of the components you need to setup and enjoy your Trinahome solar power system. We’ll even handle the delivery and set up, if you like, its that easy .

Safe & Reliable

All components have been qualied by Trina Solar under strict supervision to meet today’s rigorous quality standards and process controls.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy that continues to provide power for your home year on year.

One Complete Solution

A complete solution containing every component you need to get you setup and started quickly.

Designed That Fits

Beautifully crafted and well optimized, Trinahome can match different roof types, make the installation as easy as possible.


Trinahome provides a 10 year standard warranty.


10 years

PV Modules Product Warranty


25 years

PV Modules Performance Warranty


10 years

Inverter Warranty


10 years

Tile and Metal-deck Roof Mounting Warranty

Be the change by going solar for a greener future