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Plant Audit is a service designed and developed around the requirement to identify, record and locate the primary source of anomalies. It is requested for Photovoltaic power plants to stick to a range of strict guidelines, regulations and safety standards. The installation of a photovoltaic power plant is carried out to the precise specifications and meets all existing standards and regulations. it can be ensured by quality inspection services for PV plants.

System Quality Audit is useful to; verify that the installation of a plant has been carried out according to the precise specifications, comply with a range of international standards including IEC 62446 and IEC 60364-7-712 and assure the relevant authorities that a photovoltaic power plant is operating safely and according to the relevant local guidelines.

It is imperative to study the active performance of the system in reference with designed energy output to understand the health of the plant because it achieves optimum generation and maintain a higher performance ratio. Plant Audit Scan assists in determining the root cause of decline in generation, accelerated degradation of modules, frequent equipment breakdowns, abrasion of structures among many other activities and recommend necessary corrective actions. Thorough inspection ensures that the plant cohere to quality installation, code compliance and conformance to design and safety criteria.

Plant Audit service encloses all segments of the project from review of design and engineering drawings, to visual checks of the equipment and materials, running specialized tests at site on individual components like thermography and IV-Curve test on modules, verifying O&M records, understanding the fault patterns and spare part consumption. Furthermore, to in-depth review of the condition of the equipment to test critical components and measure key plant performance indicators, advanced tools and techniques can be used. A techno-commercial analysis is derived to evaluate the true-life expectancy of the plant and highlight the investment risk based on the audit report.

Better performance of Solar PV power plants is essential in terms of escalated revenue generation to the asset owner. The performance audit of the plants on regular interval will indicate the space for performance improvements on continuous basis as the saying goes “you can’t manage what you can’t measure “.


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