By Editor • 4 years ago

Earth, the third planet of the solar system is one and only known planet where life exists. Its water, fertile soil, the composition of the atmosphere and appropriate surface temperature make it a habitable place. Unlike any other member of the solar system, earth’s elegant waterfalls and lakes, lovely flora and fauna, fascinating forests and mountains, massive oceans and immensely creative ecosystems make it a magical place to all the living beings. So, it is not surprising that the natural beauty of the earth and its creativity amaze we all.

Earth is a home to thousands of animal and plant species. It provides food, water, medicine and almost all our requirements. Plants, waterfalls, flowers and mountains beautify the environment while humming of the birds delights our ears. The plants satiate our stomach while water quenches our thirst. The breeze cools down the surrounding and relieves our stress. Sun lights up the whole world. Plants purify air and produce food for us while we play on the ground. Nature is really a miraculous creation which has been programmed to heal small damages itself made by us. Our ancestors dealt with the environment with a minimal damage. They consumed only a small amount of natural resources. They loved nature. They worshipped nature. They respect nature. They did not destroy forests. They polluted neither air nor water nor soil. Simply, their activities did not lead to significant environmental damages. Nature does not punish us as long as we deal with it in a sustainable way. That is why our ancestors were not tortured by nature. They were really fortunate to respire pure air, to eat uncontaminated food, to drink clean water and to experience the beauty of nature. We can learn a lot about how our ancestors dealt with the environment by studying speeches of the most famous chief of the Duwamish and Squamish tribes, Seattle [1]. They protected the environment and encouraged their people to follow them.

But what happened after the industrial revolution that took place in Europe and North America?

Industrial revolution… sounds a music to our ears. But it was the date of birth of bad luck. As we all know, it has led to numerous environmental, social, health, economic and ecological problems. We all bear witness at least to one such terrible consequence. Let’s discuss them in the next article.

[1]        Bagley, C. B. (1931). Chief Seattle and Angeline. The Washington Historical Quarterly, 22(4), 243-275.