JLanka Technologies triumphs with two prestigious awards at Techno 2018

JLanka Technologies the pioneering solar energy provider in Sri Lanka claims yet another victory at the Techno Award Night, held on 2nd of November 2018 at the Galle Face Hotel. Graced by Chief Guest Eng. Kamal Amaraweea, JLanka Technologies claims two awards, the gold award presented for the stall with the best display & demonstration of engineering product and the merit award for the stall with the most innovative local engineering product.

Techno 2018 been the largest and only engineering and technology exhibition held in Sri Lanka bridges the gaps between any age group and industry by introducing innovativeness for sustainability through a wide set of events. Organized by the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka this year too successfully concluded with Techno Awards honoring the industry leaders for innovative products and technologies in which JLanka Technologies was recognized and awarded for their outstanding service and efforts.

“Paving the way for a sustainable future appears to be a prominent way for the survival of mankind. In this technologically sound period, technological innovation seems to be the key that opens up passageways leading to a more promising environmental friendly, advanced future. I believe that the empowerment of solar power generation done by us, here at JLanka Technologies falls right into that category. I would eagerly put my hands together for the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka for conducting opportune events such as Techno Sri Lanka 2018, to promote innovation and bring about the interaction of private and public-sector organizations as well as academic institutes. I’ll wrap up on the note that JLanka Technologies promises to return in the dawning year with an exclusive array of technological advancements that would grasp a major part of the solution to the impeding global energy issue,” – Mrs. G. Jayasoma, Operations Director.

JLanka Technologies have claimed their status within the Solar Power Industry in Sri Lanka by claiming every milestone towards the path to success. Partnered with the global solar giants Trina Solar and SolarEdge and equipped with state of the art equipment, JLanka Technologies have been providing solar power solutions to a customer base of over 3,500. The highly skilled engineers and support staff continues to embark in providing the unmatchable service within the industry by providing the best Solar solutions to Sri Lanka.

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