JLanka Technologies donates
two Solar Power Systems to Religious Sanctuaries

Pioneering in innovative energy saving solutions and novel technologies JLanka Technologies is in a mission to transform Sri Lanka into a sustainable, 100% energy self-sufficient country through innovative renewable energy solutions. The mission expands further by donating 2 Solar Power Systems to Mayurapada Temple and Dhammaloka Buddhist Center the area where the main JLanka head office is situated.

Under the current governments initiative on Utility Scale Solar with the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy, Ceylon Electricity Board and Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, JLanka Technologies have establish Solar Power units to over 40 religious places within Sri Lanka.

Continuing the unending support towards renewable energy within Sri Lanka, JLanka Technologies concluded last year by donating two Solar solutions to Mayurapada Temple with a capacity of 17.0kW / 50 Solar Panels * 325W (Trina Solar) and Dhammaloka Buddhist Center with a capacity of 4.0kW / 12 Solar Panel * 270W (Trina Solar), the area where the main JLanka head office is situated.

Completing a target of 100 megawatt within last year, JLanka Technologies was awarded the market leaders for introducing renewable energy within the country. With the support of the current governments initiative on transforming Sri Lanka to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050, JLanka Technologies is determined to achieve this mission by providing thought leadership to consumers, creating awareness around the most eco-friendly, economical and pragmatic renewable energy solution for Sri Lanka – solar power.


  • Since we provide the very latest technologies to Domestic, Commercial and Utility Scale Solar
  • Our principle partners are the globally renowned SolarEdge and TrinaSolar
  • We are the market leaders with over 30% of market share
  • With branch network of over 14 and a team of 300+ employees we have a customer base of over 2200+
  • We are also privileged to have been awarded 14 National and International awards