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JLanka Technologies had branched to the Central Hill Capital – Kandy to empower the Kandyans with the PERC technology of JLanka Solar Panels, make Solar solutions more powerful and more suitable for local conditions. We are exploring possibilities of introducing new Solar Technologies to Kandy including Solar Powered Water Pumps for Agriculture specially for Vegetable and Commodities such as Tea, Rubber, Coconut cultivators and Solar UPS to deal with frequent main grid power interruptions that happens due to weather patterns.

We invite you to meet our friendly local staff at our office, situated in the city of Kandy . We are ready to listen to you and identify your requirements to serve you better.

Explore most fitting solar solutions to the hill country weather

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Many days Kandy’s skies seem perpetually bruised, with stubborn mist clinging to the hills surrounding the city’s beautiful centerpiece lake. Delicate hill-country winds force the mist to gently part, revealing colourful houses and hotels amid Kandy’s far-fetched forested radiance. But that doesn’t mean the Solar Power is not an essential Power Source to Kandy. The rising cost of utility bills, especially the Electricity Bills and the angle that Solar Rays touch the Surface of Kandy soils in upper hills has a vast potential to maximize Solar Power generation and light the rural and middle class and rich houses in the Central Province.

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Your solar system with the right partner

Choosing JLanka as your Solar partner will provide you the opportunity to work with a single point of contact with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) coming through one company instead of several ensuring a successful long-term solar system.

Initial Site Visit and Consultation

JLanka’s qualified team will perform an inspection of your property, complete an engineering assessment, and consult with you to determine the best solar power system for your property. Your home’s architecture, current and future consumption requirements and financial situation will be considered.

System Design and Approval

Once choosing the most suitable solar system we will provide a comprehensive solar system drawing along with a projected energy report at no cost. We also ensure to guide you through all the paperwork necessary to be approved for CEB or LECO requirement standards.

Installation and commissioning

System installation begins with installing solar panels on the roof including solar power optimizers and attaching panels. Our electrical experts will then connect the optimizers to the inverter and to your circuit breaker box which generates electricity to your home or business.



No.300 C, William Gopallawa Rd, Suduhumpola, Kandy

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