Architect 2018

With tremendous success last year, Sri Lanka Institute of Architects is proud to present the 36th Annual edition on the 22nd to 25th of February 2018 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall in a superior manner.

Hosted by the competent professional and innovative designers, Sri Lanka Institute of Architects will showcase the latest industry trends highlighting products and innovations, in Building Trade and Services and will also provide emerging opportunities to many industries.

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A move towards better design and building practices would ensure energy efficiency in constructions. In Sri Lanka’s construction sector, the focus on energy efficiency has been a long overdue, whereas this is already receiving considerable attention, globally.

The Archpedia seminar organized by JLanka Technologies in collaboration with the SLIA Resource Centre, Board of Architectural Publications, will be held on the 15th of March 2018 from 5pm onwards at the SLIA, Auditorium under the theme – ‘Integrating Architecture and Engineering for energy Efficient Buildings,’ this will explore the nexus between architecture and engineering as well as the integration of these two components; in the enhancement of energy efficiency in contemporary constructions.


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