“A peek into the future energy scenarios of Sri Lanka”

With numerous innovative solutions at Techno 2018, JLanka Technologies takes pride in sponsoring the book launch of “Energy Resources of Sri Lanka” held on 12th of October 2018 at the Techno 2018 Exhibition Seminar Room from 11am onwards. A project by the Mechanical engineering Sub Committee of the institution of Engineers Sri Lanka.

The book highlights the traditional sources of energy being limited and diminishing resource and with over consumption it could lead to global warming and climate change. The objective of this publication is to act as a catalyst and a source of reliable data to empower all segments of societies to work towards achieving such energy future for Sri Lanka.


JLanka Technologies the pioneers in the solar industry supports this publication mainly to create knowledge and awareness in all segments, which are prime stakeholders of the energy industry.

Join us in this journey as we power Sri Lanka’s transition to a sustainable, energy efficiency by keeping up with the rapid pace of innovations of the global energy industry.

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