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We'll Make Sure Everything's Just Right

We are committed to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services. An important part in ensuring this is providing an efficient, unbeatable after-sales service. A team of experienced and skilled JLanka engineers oversee every installation and they ensure that it is carried out with minimum hassle. The installation is then followed up by excellent after sales service for added customer satisfaction.

We at JLanka are aware that a solar power installation becomes a liability rather than an asset, if it stops being operational. In the rare, if not unlikely event that your solar power system develops a fault or stops working, we will ensure that the issue is rectified promptly and efficiently, by our team of experts.

Our dedicated service engineers monitor the web enabled solar systems for performance 7 days a week. This is an unparalleled after sales service level provided by JLanka.

The Challenge and how we meet it

  • We are having over 700 customer base at present and is increasing at a steady pace, every day.
  • The challenge is to satisfy all our customers, without disappointing them at any given time. Because we believe that their satisfaction is our success in the future.

What do you need to do: Monitor your system from anywhere in the world

Our monitoring portal helps you reduce operation and maintenance expenses by telling you when, where and how you need to act. Receive automatic alerts to your mobile phone or just log into your web browser or iPhone App from anywhere in the world for real-time alerts localized on a virtual map of the site.

If you detect any alert, simply call us on 011 278 5790 or send an e-mail to support@jlankatech.com

What we do: Full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting

  • Identify the alert through the enhanced diagnostics through module-level monitoring, even before you inform us in most of the cases.
  • Unlike other traditional monitoring portals, we can get detailed information about the alert through the monitoring portal. This will enable us to solve your problem effectively in shortest possible time.


  • We offer you the longest warranty for inverters in Sri Lanka for 12years. In addition, this could be extended up to 25 years.
  • We will offer 25 years warranty for the SolarEdge power optimizers
  • For solar panels, we offer 25 years "performances warranty". Which means you are eligible to claim your warranty in case of the performances of your panel is lower than 80% of it rated output during the 25years period

How do you monitor the performances of individual panels..?

  • Most of the solar panel suppliers offer the 25 years "performances warranty" for their products.
  • But, their systems aren't smart enough to monitor the performance of the individual panels.

How do you monitor the performances of individual panels..?

However, if you are not able to monitor the performances in individual panel level, you cannot claim this warranty.

Whereas, SolarEdge, you can monitor the performances of each individual panel and therefore no disputes when it comes to warranty claims.

System Upgrade

Why you need system upgrade

  • You may be planning to buy new A/C's or an electric car or perhaps expansion of your property in the future.
  • In that case, your electricity consumption will increase more, than at the time you purchased your solar power system.
  • If your inverter capacity is higher than your present consumption, you can upgrade your system easily by just adding required no. of panels to the existing system.
  • This will save your investment since you do not need to invest unnecessarily, until you really need it.

Upgrade your system is so easy with SolarEdge

  • System upgrade is not so easy with other traditional systems due to panel mismatch complications. Means, in a solar panel array of a traditional system, requires similar type of panels to perform the system properly. If the panels are not similar (new and old) then the performances will drops due to panel mismatch reasons.
  • However, with SolarEdge power optimizer technology, system upgrade is easier than ever because each panel works independent to other panels. Therefore no panel mismatch complications.
  • So why invest unnecessarily..? Invest when you really need it.
  • Just call us for professional consultations before you invest on your solar system upgrade.

System Re-location

  • In case when you need to shift your solar power system one location to another, we are happy to assist you.
  • We will do free site inspection in your new location and propose our recommendations for smooth transition.

What they say about JLanka
After Sales Service

I have been using the solar system for just over a year and am extremely happy with the performance. In addition the after sales has been prompt and efficient.

OTARA Gunewardene

I think now I should have installed this system long time before.

Eng. S.P.C Kumarasinghe.

Service and Maintain
of 3rd Party Solar Installations

Not a JLanka customer..? No problem, we can maintain your solar system
Call us on 011 278 5790 or submit the below form

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