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Affordable solar energy solutions
in Galle

JLanka Technologies relocated in Galle to serve you better

Solar delivering extra energy towards a greener future

Sri Lanka’s premier Solar Solution Providers have relocated on the 12 th of July to serve you better with residential and commercial requirements at an affordable price with the world’s latest solar technologies, identifying your energy-related problems and developing sustainable energy solutions and enhancing job opportunities for the local communities within Galle.

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Intelligent Solar Systems for southern Sri Lanka

A solution making your lifestyle a unique bliss

Galle is a town of great exquisiteness brimming with the essence of spices and beautiful beaches and it’s wonderful collection of Dutch-colonial buildings. It is a city of trade and, unique art masterpieces. As a coastal city in Sri Lanka, Galle exhibits an excellent geographical area to maximize the harvesting of solar energy.

The PERC technology of JLanka Solar Panels makes solar solutions more powerful and more suitable for local conditions, than average Solar panels or Solar solutions available in the market.

We invite you to meet our friendly local staff at our Galle office to discover new levels of solar power solutions. We are excited to identify your requirements and serve you better in your own city, Galle.

Get your luxurious lifestyle you have been dreaming for a Zero Electricity bill

Spend smart for a better tomorrow and earn a great return on your investment.

Galle features a tropical rain-forest climate. Though it is evidently dry in the months of January and February and temperatures show little variation throughout the course of the year, with average temperatures hover around 26 degrees Celsius throughout the season. As a major coastal city in Sri Lanka consisting of a large population, JLanka had branched to this Southern Commercial Capital – to explore possibilities of venturing in to Solar Power Solutions and introducing intelligent new Solar Technologies to Galle and enhancing job opportunities for the local communities.

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Most Advanced Solar Solution for your Home

JLanka’s qualified team will perform an inspection of your property, complete an engineering assessment, and consult with you to determine the best solar power system for your property. Your home’s architecture, current and future consumption requirements and financial situation will be considered.

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After choosing the most suitable solar system for your property, we will provide solar system drawings and a comprehensive projected energy savings report. This report will make the decision to install solar panels clear and easy to make.

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An agreement outlining your custom solar solution will be presented for signature, so the installation process can begin.

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Solar construction typically takes less than 3 days. We will also facilitate the documentation with CEB or LECO to make the entire installation process a hassle-free.

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JLanka provides software to track each module's real-time production and system operational data. Monitoring your system will reduce maintenance expenses by letting you know what you need to do to ensure optimal performance for the life of your system.

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Don’t let your electricity bill ruin your family time at your own home. Invest on Solar, It’s a one-time solution for your electricity needs.

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