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Photovoltaics Workshop 2016 co-Sponsered
by JLanka

Exemplifying the commitment to the industry and technology at breadth, JLanka Technologies has partnered the 5th installment of the workshop on photovoltaics, organized jointly by the University of Kelaniya, National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka and Sivanathan Laboratories, USA.
The event scheduled to be hosted at the University of Kelaniya on the 18th and 19th of January 2016 will see segments and presentations by pioneering thought leaders in the field.
Prof. Siva Sivanathan is the key personality of this workshop who is the Founder and Chairman of Sivanathan Laboratories Inc. and also a Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Prof. Siva Sivananthan

Prof. Siva Sivananthan a humble and inspirational Sri Lankan scientist who born in Jaffna and a former student of Hindu College is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the Microphysics Laboratory of Department of Physics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Prof. Sivananthan's work with a semiconductor material, mercury cadmium telluride or MCT, is at the heart of night vision technology and made the raid that took down Osama Bin Laden on a moonless night possible. He was honoured as the "White House Champion of Change" for his work as an immigrant innovator and entrepreneur.

Guest Speakers

Prof. Siva Sivananthan

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc and Distinguished Professor of Physics, UIC

Dr. Tim Coutts

Fellow Emeritus at NREL and Adjunct Professor in Physics, UIC

Dr. Ramesh Dhere

President, Episolar Inc., USA and Adjunct Professor in Physics, UIC

Dr. Tim Gessert

Principal Scientist, Group Manager - Polycrystalline Thin Film PV Devices, NREL and Adjunct Professor in Physics, UIC

Dr. Mowafak Al-Jassim

Principal Scientist, National Center for PV, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA

John Lester Miller

CEO at Cascade Electro-Optics and CTO of Episensors

Event Highlights

As the Main Sponsor of the event, JLanka Technologies will be presenting the revolutionary SolarEdge technology to the attendees of the workshop in the form of a live PV system installation. The segment is expected to grab the attention of attendees given its interactive nature.
Two PV system technologies will be installed and reviewed at the workshop by JLanka Technologies in order to give the gathering an in-depth understanding of the system and technology deployed by the company.
JLanka Technologies together with the University of Kelaniya, the National Science Foundation and Sivanathan Laboratories, invites all registered attendees to come and engage with the thought leaders of the solar industry.

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