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Our teams of engineers, technical officers, installation technicians and customer service personnel have through and through delivered the best possible quality of work and therefore our clientele in this regard have been appreciative and impressed at the level of customized service provided.

This section is about the pioneers within JLANKA® who see the world differently, and show us a future that is nothing like the present. They are high-achievers that demand more of themselves each day, and raise the bar for us all.


Mrs. Jayasoma is a chartered quantity surveyor with over 30 years of experience, 18 of which have been spent working in Europe, the Middle East, UK, UAE and Botswana across all disciplines of cost and commercial management.

A few global organizations that she has been a part of include William C. Inman & Partners (UK), Mace International Ltd (UAE), Kille & Dannhauser (Botswana), Special Consultancy for Government of Botswana, and the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka. Her project portfolio includes the flagship Jumeirah Beach Residence development.

Sujeevan Srikanthan

The Treasure hunter

Sujeevan captures knowledge and converts it to experience to give solution to the people and environment, let us say he work like the 'JLanka solar panel' ; capture energy to convert it to electricity. He sees JLanka as a treasure cave of abundant values where he is on the hunt for values. He says he will convert the values into valuable contribution to the planet and the country.

Srinath Dolage

The Early Adopter

Srinath loves to be the first to adapt to new internet marketing technologies applying the concept locally. He is a heavy surfer of knowledge abundant online using them to ease the work process of his fellow team members. The early adopter met the company that adapts to new technology with international standard empowering his true passion.

Rasanga Jayawardana

The teacher

Rasanga is young graduate with an ambition to create an impression in the green energy industry. He is on his toes readily available to make quick decisions to solve and provide the best solution to customers. Working for JLanka has made him complete by helping him learn new innovative things along with unique leadership skills.

Jeewaka Galappaththi

The Self Starter

If self starters need to be renamed, it should be Jeewaka; he works more independently on projects he takes on with positive energy. When it comes to team work, Jeewaka ensures to keep the pack together which eventually gives great result. He feels like family at JLanka and truly inspired by the leadership skills of the CEO and the directors.

Lasitha Lakmal

The Tech savvy

Lasitha is a technical orientation person who manages large team driving the technical nerve of JLanka. Being the founder member of the company, he believes the organization uplifts the standard level while achieving the overall company's objectives. He speaks the language that his team members understands which helps others work at ease.

W. Rakitha Brito

The Robo

A Mechatronic Engineer, well it means is an engineer with multi talent, an innovator, mechanical engineer, electronic designer and sometimes design engineer. All of these sums up to one name; Rakitha Brito. 'Make your life Easy', philosophy that drives him to be successful as he is now. As an innovator, Rakitha sees JLanka as company that drives the future in greener path.

Chamara Jayasinghe

The tough cookie

Chamara, a hard worker with hunger to achieve in his own style. A mixture of mutual understanding and constructive criticism is his ways make others life easy. He spices up his life with the JLanka family, where everybody is working towards on common goal and it is no different to the individual goals too.

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