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Roof top Solar - Grid Connected

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Light user

Do you consume between 200kWh-500kWh units? Is your bill in between LKR 5000-7000? It's time for you to consider switching to Solar power!

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Medium user

Is your power consumption in between 500kWh-800kWh units? Do you pay LKR 7000-15,000 for electricity? You have to switch to Solar power!

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Heavy user

Are you tired spending more than LRK 30,000 on electricity? Don't waste time! Call us now! You must switch to Solar power immediately!

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Commercial & Extreme Users

This is for offices, industries, hotels, restaurants and similar large electricity consumers. Now it's time for you to get the real benefits of green solar energy.

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Most advanced solar solutions in Sri Lanka

Learn more about our solar systems ideally made to meet your demand at our residential and commercial pages

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