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Megapolis Seminar 3 Accelerating Energy Efficiency in SME's

The Western Region Megapolis project has captivated the Sri Lankan people with its extensive and detailed plan to ensure the sustainable development of Sri Lankas commercial capital region. JLanka as the pioneers in the solar energy industry have powered two seminars thus far engaging various sectors and communities, expanding their horizons through obtaining a clear understanding of the Megapolis project and its various aspects.

The third seminar addresses the needs related to SME's in Sri Lanka. As confirmed by the Megapolis project office, the seminar will focus on future plans for the SME sector by the Megapolis Development, possible areas of contribution of SME sector to the Megapolis project and land allocation mechanism for the SME sector from each of the development zones of the Metropolis Plan.

Mr. Lakshman Jayasekera, Team Leader and Project Director of te Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, Former Director General of National Physical Planning and development/Urban Development Authority and President of the Institute of Town Planners will address the gathering which will be held at the Hotel Taj Samudra on the 4th August 2016 at 5.30 p.m. The Seminar will be followed by a networking that will serve to secure bond within the SME community and with the Megapolis project.

JLanka launched a special energy package for SME

JLanka technologies is excited about the possibilities that this timely initiative brings, with our newly launched SME energy package catering to the energy needs of SME's with cutting edge technology and energy solutions; our theme for this seminar “Smart Technology Partner” highlights the way forward for JLanka and SME's to work together.

SME's attending the seminar will have the unique opportunity to get registered under the Megapolis project which will provide them with an edge to win projects as they come. We invite all SME administrators and owners to avail of this valuable opportunity to register with the Megapolis project and partner with JLanka to ensure energy efficiency at your facilities.

Empowering SME's in Sri Lanka

Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises will be a crucial factor in the nation’s development. SME's are truly the driving force of innovation and competition in our country’s economy. JLanka has identified the valuable services that SME's provide and are thrilled to be able to work with them hand in hand, together to provide them with highly implementable, practical and customized energy solution plans. Together we can ensure the success of the national development plans and implement these ways forward in a sustainable and ecofriendly manner, preserving our resources and lush country for future generations.

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