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Join the largest Healthcare Exhibition in the North of Sri Lanka MedExpo Jaffna 2017

MedExpo Jaffna 2017 is a medical Trade Fair and Exhibition organized by Evolution Events and Corporate Services in Jaffna and will be held on the 19th, 20th and 21st May 2017 at the Vembadi Girls High School, Jaffna.

This fair will be a unique experience with a combination of local and foreign medical institutions promoting their products and services. The public in the North will benefit by meeting renowned & specialists doctors and influencers, procurement heads & decision makers in the healthcare industry, face to face interactions, presentations to people seeking medical services & products, meeting potential distributors, dealers, agents in the healthcare industry and also providing information & creating awareness of latest technology & treatment methods.

JLanka Technologies Sri Lanka’s premier Solar Power Industry will also be among the local expertise to promote the latest technologies in the Solar Industry which will be very beneficial especially in the North. Come and meet our Engineers to know more on what we offer to our valued cliental.


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Why is Jaffna selected as a potential to host the Medexpo Exhibition this year?

  • Jaffna District has a high population of 600,000.
  • This has the second highest prevalence rate of chronic illness in Sri Lanka.
  • High spending capacity & inflow of foreign remittance leads to affordability.
  • Big opportunity to introduce new medical technologies & health related services to the North.
  • Due to lack of Health services many people seek medical treatment elsewhere in the country or overseas.
  • Jaffna provides the best platform for organizations to reach Northern Province.
  • A Medical Exhibition of this level has not been conducted before in the Jaffna District.
  • History of Public enthusiasm and high crowd turnout for such events.

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  • To provide an opportunity for modern & world class health services to reach the Jaffna District.
  • To create a platform for Medical & healthcare related organizations to reach out to the Jaffna District & Northern province.
  • To provide the people of the Jaffna district to experience the latest technology & trends in the healthcare industry.
  • To educate the people on preventive healthcare, awareness & healthy lifestyles.
  • To provide new job opportunities in the Health sector.
  • To help people seeking medical services to experience available opportunities.
  • To provide medical education opportunities to students in the north.
  • To support the Governments initiative of improving health related services in the north.

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