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To become more independent by purchasing less power and generating own electricity

JLanka Technologies, the pioneer in the solar industry in Sri Lanka took on a monumental project to supply a solar energy system for D Samson & Sons (pvt) ltd. We have developed a reputation over the past few years of efficiency, professionalism and delivering beyond expectations that is demonstrated by the exponential growth of solar system installations by Jlanka throughout the island.

The D Samsons and Sons project can be considered to be one of the largest solar energy project in Sri Lanka owned by the Industrial Sector. The system was targeted to generate 300kW capacity in order to supply nearly 100% of the facility’s day time electricity consumption.


Installing the system within a narrow time frame with zero incidents

JLanka Technologies stands out among solar energy solution providers for numerous reasons. In the Samson and Sons project alone we completed the project within a very narrow time frame with the installation being completed in a little more than a month with zero incidents, ensuring both the safety of our clients and our workforce that we enforce at each of our worksites.


A premium energy solution that generates more energy than expected

We at JLanka believe in going beyond expectation and striving to achieve the best for our clients, providing them with our skilled expertise and quality service. A feat that was evident when the actual energy output of the system was higher than that pledged. Our clients we able to obtain over 2% more from the energy output than expected, due to the meticulous planning and careful management of this project, two areas in which our team of experts excel.

Carbon Footprint 306600 kg/year

Power Generation 300 KW

Systems Used

Highest quality products that can influence the energy output and can adapt to any environment

Our TrinaSolar panels and SoalrEdge Power optimizer Technology is of the highest quality that adapt to any environment and resists various stress, both of which are characteristics that can influence the energy output and lifetime of an installed system. A capacity of 300kW supplied by a roof top on-grid system, made up of 958 Trina Solar Modules and 479 Solar Edge Power Optimizers mated to power 17 Solar Edge Inverters results in this system being capable of supplying nearly 100% of the facility’s day time electricity consumption.

SolarEdge Technologies, global leader in the DC power optimizer market, provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring

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Trina Solar Limited is a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions, and services and a developer of downstream businesses.

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