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Free Online Home Energy Assessment for 6kW or higher solar energy installations. The offer is applicable on upon confirmation of the solar power system of 6kW or higher. If not Rs…… will be charged for a period of …… days and will be waved-off upon confirmation of your solar system.

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  • The e-PRO, our own smart energy meter can monitor and control electricity.
  • If you are suspicious on your electricity bill, you can install e-PRO and audit your electricity consumption to find-out when and where the problem(s) are.
  • With the online monitoring portal, you can monitor your consumption online at real time.
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By taking the online assessment, you’ll learn if your home is a good candidate to install solar power system or precisely size your solar energy system. If your profile indicates that you are a good candidate, simple call us, or provide your contact information right from the online form here.


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