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Energy Solution Package for SME

Sustainable Energy and a Greener Tomorrow

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Jlanka as the pioneers in smart energy solutions in Sri Lanka have crafted an energy solution package specifically for SME owners to empower and educate them on how energy related expenses can be lowered by preventing waste and energy optimization.

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Only 25 selected organization who are environmentally conscious or follow green practices will be provided this Inco SME package free of charge. Also don’t forget to drop by the Jlanka stalls (A61-62-63) at the Inco Exhibition at BMICH from the 24th to 26th June where JLanka will be launching this special offer targeting the SME industry.

This package comes to you with three components,

  • energy monitoring
  • energy optimization seminar
  • solar feasibility analysis
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Jlanka SME Energy Solution Package Components

Energy monitoring for 7 days

A team from Jlanka will visit your facility and install our newest energy solution that is being launched in parallel with Inco 2016. This product once installed will serve to monitor your energy usage and patterns. Our experts will analyses the data gathered at your facility over a period of 7 days. In order to lower energy related cost you need to first understand why and how it is used in your organization. Our system will ensure that you have a holistic view of energy use in your facility. After the 7 days that we monitor your energy use, we will be able to give you a customized plan on how you can minimize energy usage and optimize the same without affecting your production.

Energy workshop for your staff

A team of our highly trained and skilled professionals will conduct a workshop for your staff on ‘Optimization of production through optimization of energy usage’. This workshop will be conducted onsite to educate your staff on how they can better optimize the way they use various energy sources at the workplace.

Feasibility report for Solar Panel installation

We will examine your facility and provide you with a report on your eligibility to install a solar power system to generate energy on site.

Tailor-made best energy solutions to your SME

smart management of energy for a

Greener Tomorrow

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