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An added benefit for your carport!

Power at home, filling up your car, and driving to work.

Energizing Parking

JLanka Solar PV car park solutions are attractive, extremely efficient way of making the most solar energy through prefabricated parking structures that can dramatically cut large buildings' energy costs.

JLanka helps commercial and institutional building owners harness sun energy and generate their own renewable energy in their parking lots. We do this either as a PRODUCT, our JLanka parking structures, or through SERVICES to design, build, finance and maintain a solar parking system for you.

Think about the potential of producing your own clean energy from the sun. Imagine using this power at home, filling up your car, and driving to work. Consider the possibility of then charging your car again at work while your car is parked, and again repeating the cycle when you arrive at home. With JLanka, all of this is now possible.

Solar PV Car Park Solutions for Your Home - Single Car Model

Model CP H1

Model CP H2

Model CP H3

Model CP H4

Solar PV Car Park Solutions for Commercial - Single Car Model

Model CP 01

Model CP 02

Most advanced solar solutions in Sri Lanka

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